About Us

DorsaTech is a technology based group with more than 20 years of experience in developing laboratory equipment and advanced glassware.The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of laboratory products made from glass, polymers and metals.Due to the collaboration with partners from a variety of industries and academic research centers, DorsaTech has handled an extensive array of samples under various applications.

DorsaTech range of products covers a vast field and the core markets are chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as reacherch centers.Portable cleanrooms, laboratory spray dryers, portable chemical reactors,jet mill and mini bioreactors are major products of this company which are produced in a wide range of variety.

By providing inovative products and ideas as well as outstanding expertise in technology, DorsaTech is the leading manufacture of borosilicate industrial glassware for chemical process and pilote plants in Iran.

DorsaTech also produce PTFE comonents like gaskets, O ring, bellows, bushes, PTFE tube sheets (for glass shell and tube heat exchanger), machanical seals, PTFE Distributor etc. required for the consrtuction of glass plants.

Morever DorsaTech manufatures complete range of glass plant supporting structure parts like Bends, Support, Cross, Base, Tee, Vessel Holders  ets. along whith metal parts like Couplings, Chuck & Seal Assembly etc. require for Glass Assemblies.