Laboratory Equipments

Designed For:

  • Chemical Process Development, Scale up Process Simulation & Kilo-Scale Production


  • Can Be Easily Modified
  • Interchangable Reaction Vessels & Stirrers
  • Volume Range Of 1-30 Litres 

Portable Clean Room

Designed For:

  • Processing in the Fields of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Electronics, Chemistry, Tissue Culture, Tissue Engineering, Calibrations, etc.


  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Equipped By Independent Utilities
  • Easy & Quick Assembling
  • Dimensions:  2m x  4m x 2.3m
                         3m x  6m x 2.3m
                         4m x 10m x 2.3m

Grade: 10,000


Spray Drier

Designed For:

  • Micro and Nano Particles Engineering
  • Drying Of Herbal, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products


  • Designed  According to the Standard Air Flow Patterns
  • User Friendly & Reliable Operation
  • Adjustable Parameters


Jet Micronizer

Designed For:

  • Effective Micronization Of Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals


  • Designed According To The Standard Air Flow Patterns
  • Variable For Laboratory & Industrial Scales

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